"West Texas Centurions"

Stained glass box lamp -

‚ÄčInspired by the Agave Americanus or Century plant common to the Texas hill country this landscape piece  illustrates fauna as well as flora. The roadrunner, horned lizard, and jack rabbit are  settled in the cactus, rolling hills and table top mesas of the country. 

Traditional  and Geometric Designs

El Sol Y La Luna Inspired Stained Glass Designs

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Stained Glass Bat Mobiles

Under the Ann Richards Bridge, which divides North and South Congress Avenue in downtown Austin,  lives a million + Mexican Freetail Bat colony . As this bat colony leaves their roost at dusk from the cracks under the bridge they spiral into the air over Lady Bird Lake to their final insect hunting grounds.  These bat mobiles are representative of the Mexican Freetail bats as they spiral at dusk.

Gallery of Stained Glass Works

Stained Glass Box Lamps

Randall Soileau


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From the Dancers in Glass Series, theses two works, "The Firebird" and "The Phoenix" are from the ballet The Firebird as presented by The Austin Contemporary Ballet / Texas Youth Ballet.

The Austin Bat Mobile

Randall's Studio stained glass box lamps are created using the Tiffany (copper foil) technique for greater detail and control of color. The "puddling" solder style adds texture and strength to the lamp joints. The four sides and top provide the opportunity to design individual scenes or a complex landscape encompassing the entire piece. 

The use of LED strip lighting to illuminate the lamp adds greater control of light color and intensity. The remote controlled LED can also cycle through pre-programmed effect modes.

Stained Glass Gardens Series

The Bat Mobile Spiral

"Lake Bastrop"

Stained glass box lamp - 

Representing Lake Bastrop in the Lost Pines State Park ,Texas. this contiguous landscape encompasses the stained glass lamp.

"Four Deserts"

Stained glass box lamp - 

Representing four great American deserts, the four side panes of this piece are the Sonoran, Chihuahuan, Great Basin, and the Painted Deserts.

The Rainbow Bat Mobile

Randall's Stained Glass Studio in Austin, Texas

Dancers in Glass

"The Lost Pines" stained glass box lamp depicting the Texas state park in Bastrop.This landscape stretches across all sides of the lamp and has an LED controller. 

"Flora of Texas"

Stained glass box lamp -

The work of Dr. Benjamin Carroll Tharp, the "Father of Texas Ecology", influenced the creation of the "Flora of Texas" stained glass lamp. This stained glass piece reflects the abundant flowers of Texas.